So what? It’s not that bad…I mean…I survived!

I often get questions like this – „So what?“

„What is so wrong about the system? It’s not so bad, I was there, I learned a lot, I learned about great things…“

But it’s not that it’s bad! It’s not that it’s bad at all!

Actually – it’s great to learn about different things! It’s great to know a lot of stuffs!

But the main question for me is how this serves you in life?

How this helps you in life?

Is it important to you, is it useful?

Because, I think /from my point of view/ the main goal of education is to serve us to grow up and raise like happy people.

To be a happy person you must at least know what makes you happy, know what you like to do, what are your needs, what attracts your attention…

So, in terms of serving, what is more important – to know/learn about different facts, that someone picked as generally important for you and also all the other people in the planet /yes, although you are so different/ OR to know and learn about yourself /your own needs, desires, interests, strong sides, shortcomings/…


Yes, both.

But the thing is that finding yourself takes time. It takes time to observe yourself, to observe your reactions, your needs, your interests… but you just don’t get to get this time for you in school. Instead, you get to get time to learn about things that you’ll never know whether are useful for you or not, because you won’t know yourself!

So we really need not facts, but space, time and freedom for us to do this – to explore ourselves and the world around us also, of course, but on our temps and way. Like, for example, to commit ourselves and our time to the world of dolphins and enjoy it and explore it all day, all week – all the time we need, not just 40 minutes and then something else that someone else wants us to learn.

Can you even imagine – yes, try to imagine, the world when you were a child and you were supported in your own interests, researches, experiences and dreams.

Go back there and feel what it would be to be acknowledged!

We so much need to know ourselves in order to exist with us and others, in order to take our own place here now.

And I really think we underestimate and we don’t feel the importance of knowing ourselves, which is the most important knowledge for you if you don’t want just to exist somehow, but want to find your place, to recognize your needs, desires and express them.

If you don’t know yourself – how can you exist? And what if you know so much things about history of your country, if you don’t know yourself? If you don’t know your color, your uniqueness, your strong sides, your talents, the way you can express and realize and fulfill yourself? How can you find your place in this world – the place where you really feel happy, where you are really strong, where you’re really good at and you feel happy to do?

Learning facts cannot give you this.

Only free time, love, acceptance and support in your own searches do that.

I strongly believe that in the moment that every human being receives Love, Acceptance, Freedom and Support for the first 20 years of its life, the world will change drastically.


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